More seats in Sikkim assembly after 2011 census


Government on Wednesday said the number of seats in the Sikkim assembly could be increased only after the census of 2011 that will determine the population of certain communities included in the Scheduled Tribe list.


Replying to questions in Rajya Sabha, Home Minister P Chidambaram said a proposal from Sikkim government has been received in January 2005 to increase the number of seats in the state assembly from 32 to 40.


The state government recommended that Limboo and Tamang communities should be given compartmental reservation.


"As the state government had proposed that the seats for Limboos and Tamangs may be decided as per the proportion of their population, which is not available,… proportion of their population can be determined in census 2011. So any action on this will have to wait till census of 2011," he said.


Presently the two communities are included in the general categories for the purpose of election. The 32-member assembly has 12 seats reserved for Bhutia-Lepcha community, two for Scheduled Casts and one for Sanghas.


The rest are general seats. In the enlarged assembly, the state government has proposed to increase the number of seats for general category to 27. Limboos and Tamangs may be given reservation in these 27 seats as per proportion of their population, he said.